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Monday, January 19, 2009

Chapter 11 - Video tutorials index

Video tutorial 11.1 Correlation
This recording discusses the concept of correlation. Advice is given with regard to producing a scatter diagram as well as appropriate comments to make. Computation of the sample correlation coefficient is also covered.  Duration: 12 minutes 10 seconds.

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Video tutorial 11.2 Simple linear regression
The regression of a dependent variable, y, on a single independent variable, x, is explained. Estimation of the line of best fit to determine optimal point estimates of the intercept and slope parameters is discussed. Application of the estimated model for prediction purposes and a caveat concerning exctrapolation are also covered.  Duration: 13 minutes 18 seconds.

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Video tutorial 11.3 Empirical regression example

Question: From n pairs of values (xi, yi), i = 1, 2, ... n, the following quantities are calculated:

n = 20, Σxi = 400, Σyi = 220,
Σx2i = 8800, Σxiyi = 4300, Σy2i = 2620.

Find the linear regression equations of y on x and x on y

Duration: 10 minutes 43 seconds.

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